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Regardless of whether you are planning for a world trip, going for a hike or just a city trip; the best thing you can do is, look for a good travel backpack. But, there are so many brands, sizes and shapes… That’s why I made this website. I want to give some advice and good recommendations about backpacks and much more. So choosing the right gear for your own trip won’t be that difficult at all.


Where to begin?

Let’s first talk about some information you’ll need before we can even start thinking about a size or brand. These are some small things to look through, so you’ll have a better idea of what will be the best option for you.


How much can ( or may) I carry?

Depending on what kind of vacation you are planning you will carry your backpack for a long time. I know you probably want to take as much as possible BUT… keep in mind that the ideal is ONLY 20% of your body weight. When you are on a world trip, like my wife and I, you’ll need a little bit more than that. Still, try to be as close as you can to the 20%. If you go above and I mean a lot above, there is a good chance your backpack will ruin your trip… And that is the one thing you want to avoid on your journey.


Torso length

There are a lot of different sizes, from extra small to large, depending on the length of the torso. More and more brands come up with an adjustable frame. I recommend choosing one with this technology, the more you become one with your backpack the better.


 The weight-bearing hip belt

This hip belt is very important if you are looking for a bigger sized backpack. A hip belt can carry 80-90% of your pack’s weight. So look for a backpack with a strong and decent hip belt. I can assure you once you feel the different you’ll know what I’m talking about. When my backpack is fully stocked and I try to carry it in my hand the pack feels REALLY HEAVY! but when I put the hip belt on and adjust all the straps the weight feels a lot lighter.

Here is a small video on how to fit and adjust a backpack. You can see how important the hip belt really is.


Easy access from all sides

Some backpacks are really designed for your convenience. They can come with zippers on the sides and the bottom. If so you can easily enter you bag without removing everything.


Rain cover

It’s always nice to have a rain cover in your backpack. Some brands include one for others you can buy them separately. most of the fabric is already from good quality but when your trapped in a heavy rainstorm you’ll better have a rain cover.

Check out this link to find some rain covers.



There are a lot of brands that focus on ventilation between your back and the pack. This can be really helpful especially when you travel in a warmer climates and plan to do some long hikes.


Types of backpacks

Packed with this information you can take a look at some sizes. I categorize them in 3 different groups.

1. Weekend Backpacks. These backpacks go from around 30 to 50 liters and are perfect for small city trips or camping. You can pack easily for 2-3 nights.

2. Multiday Backpacks. Here we look at backpacks who can carry around 50 to 80 liters. With this size you can pack for 3-5 nights.

3. The ‘World Trip Size’ Backpack. These babies are multi functional in all ways, they come in sizes from 75 liters to … I have a OSPRAY Xenith 75l. I really love this brand because the size is really efficient for me as I am on a world trip with my wife. Let’s say I use every inch of it.

Here is a link to the backpack I’m using everyday: Osprey Xenith 75l

Women Backpacks

Because women are generally smaller than men backpack companies designed a smaller version specific for women. The packs are smaller of course, the hip belt and shoulder straps are created with the female body in mind. A lot of these ‘women backpacks’ work fine for children too.

Check out some women backpacks HERE.


Baby Carriers For Hiking

Yes they exist! You’ve may or may not seen them before but these days they are becoming more common. They are perfect for some nice hike with the whole family. As well as the other packs they come in many sizes and brands. I would suggest going for a Deuter or Osprey as they both have really good ratings and provide a lot of comfort for you and your child.

Take a look at these >>Baby Carriers for hiking<<.



There are so many brands on the market and every brand will be slightly different from the other. The most important is to have quality. The brands I’ve listed here have multiple years of expirience and are definitely trustworthy.

The links below are connected to Amazon where you can choose your type and size.



The North Face



As you can see there are a lot of things to go over before you can choose or even buy a backpack. If you follow these steps you should be ok. Once you know what kind of backpack you need its only a matter of choosing a brand and color.

Always keep in mind that the brand really counts on these products! The quality of the backpack is so important and they will definitely last a lot longer than others. The technology they use to make these backpacks are amazing. You will notice how much of a different it makes to have a good hip belt. A heavy backpack can become really light, once you’ve put it on and adjust it to your comfort size. And don’t forget to think about a ventilation system. You’ll love it!

I hope this information was really helpful for you and that you have a better view on what kind of backpack you need. Thanks for reading, my name is Mathieu and I am more than happy to help you with any question you may have.

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4 thoughts on “Best Travel Backpacks – Brands And Sizes

  1. Hi Gregory, thank you for your comment. Good question here! If you are planning to hike in wilder, more off track areas I would definitely recommend choosing a backpack that doesn’t catch the eye of the wildlife; more monotone or sober colors. Especially if you want to see some wildlife. If you want to hike in the forrest though, where there are a lot of bears and you want to avoid bumping in to one, it’s recommended to hang a small bell on your backpack. This will give a signal to the bear (family) that someone its coming and they will run away. So in one way it’s a good thing to be in disguise, on the other hand you want to be noticed so you don’t face any unnecessary danger. Always be aware of wildlife, respect their habitat and you’ll be fine. If you have any other question please let me know I’ll be more than happy to help.

  2. Hello Ileana, Thanks for your comment. Yes your backpack is very important thinking about your health and your convenience. To find the right backpack, you need to know what you are planning to do with the backpack. Do you only want to do weekend trips or are you planning a long vacation with hikes and camping? You definitely don’t need a 75+(liter) if you are planning small trips with no camping. Let me know what kind of trip you are planning and I’ll be more than happy to help you.

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed this read. I have a question for you. When people go backpacking especially across the world, does the color of your bag make a considerable difference? Like, do you get one that blends in with the surroundings as to not attract wildlife? Or does that not really matter?

  4. Wow, i did not now that the type of backpack was something to keep an eye on. Of course you cant take something hevier than you, but having a specific percentage helps to plan the “packing”. Honestly i never really looed into bacpacs whenever i go camping, but I’m a newbie when it comes to camping and hiking. For a newbie like me, which backpack would be the best for me?

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