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Funny name don’t you think? Well it sure is, but once you really know what it is, you will like it even more. First of all Fatboy is a brand that makes all kinds of outdoor and indoor gear. Their products range from bean bags, indoor lamps, hammocks to even dog beds. I would like to talk about one specific product they have, called The Lamzac“. This type of bag will complete all your outdoor activities.


Lamzac inflatable sofa

The Lamzac is a large bag that you can fill up with air in a few seconds. Once the air is in the bag you fold the end of the bag up and there it is, your extremely comfortable sofa. The bag is made of high quality nylon ripstop and can hold up to 440 lbs (200 kg). Still, this bag only weighs 2.6 pounds when folded up and measures about 7’’x14’’ (18x35cm).


Is the Lamzac easy to fill?

Once you got it all set up, it’s amazingly comfortable! But is it easy to fill the bag up with air? One person will tell you it’s an easy job another one will tell you it’s extremely difficult. I think it’s just something you need to get used to; like with everything else you buy. It just needs some practice 😉 I will put a video at the end of this post so filling up the bag will be a lot more easy. Like I said it’s just a matter of practice but you’ll get better at it. The more you’ll try, the easier it will go.


Hammock vs Lamzac

There is a big difference between these products! With a hammock you always need two pillars or trees or whatever you need to attach your hammock to. Compared to a hammock, the Lamzac is maybe a little more practical. You only need some space to fill up the bag, once the bag is filled you can place it anywhere you like. Just keep in mind that the Lamzac is still a kind of air mattress, and you know how easily they get damaged. Although the company (Fatboy) used really good materials to avoid this problem, it doesn’t mean you can push it to the limit. Just be conscious on where you put the Lamzac and you’ll be fine. And for sure, you want to keep it in good shape as long as possible no?


Is it smart to go for cheaper/other brands?

Of course cheaper versions of the Lamzac exist, but you know; as for any product; when they make it cheaper it has its reasons. With the Lamzac, designed by the company Fatboy, they know what they are doing and they have years of expertise! If you think about it, the Lamzac looks like a plastic bag but as it is so strong and can be used on almost any surface, you know it needs to be made of some sort of strong, air holding fabric. Would you like to give money for a product that looks the same but when used after several times just breaks down? I wouldn’t invest in cheaper lookalikes… My recommendation is: if you really want a specific product, then always opt for the version that will last longest. In the end you’ll pay the same price or much more, after you tried to repair or even have to buy another cheap version. Cause once your bag got damaged it’s most likely going to be a returning problem, and at the end you bought the bag just to lay down and chill out; not to worry about repairing or whatever.


So would I recommend you buying one?

Well I would definitely recommend it to other people as I believe it’s just the very best to have with you when you travel. Especially when you go hiking and you want to rest somewhere on top of a mountain or another nice spot you’ll find on this beautiful planet. But don’t forget the festivals or any other outdoor occasion you can think of. Be inventive because once you’ll have one, you will use it very often.

I am Mathieu and this was my review on the Lamzac. If you have any questions about this product or you want to share your experience with the Lamzac, just leave a comment and I will be more than happy to answer your questions. Also, watch this video below. It gives you a good idea on how to inflate the Lamzac and you will get a better idea of whether you want one or not.



12 thoughts on “Lamzac Fatboy

  1. It is my pleasure to help people find the right gear for their adventures ;).
    I am glad this information was useful for you! I wish you an amazing trip and definitely let me know how the Lamzac treated you.

    Thank you for your comment Phillip and enjoy the rest of your day!

  2. Hi Mathieu,

    If one is going to out into the wild, or simply sleep out doors somewhere, never pays to buy cheap. You be so sorry when that damp starts seeping through and your too tired to get up and correct it.

    This is one area one must invest properly to get the best experience and I see that lamzac fatboy is being recommended. This makes it easier for me to narrow now what I am looking for. Trying to get some stuff together to head out in the country by a lake and definitely can’t have my lady complaining of shoddy gear – that would be a disaster hehe.

    Thank you so much Mathieu, I feel I am in very good hands with your recommendation. I will try to remember to come back and tell you how it all went.

    – Philip.

  3. Hello Curtis and thank you for your comment. Yes, pets can be destructive… sadly there is a possibility that they will ruin your inflatable sofa. On the other hand the Lamzac is tested on rough terrain and it seems like the fabric is strong enough to hold. I just wouldn’t push it to the limit ;).

  4. I have seen these popping up here and there. It looks like a great and convenient idea. Can you actually sleep through the night on one of these?
    I guess you would have to be careful with these around pets as well. I know my dogs and cats have put holes in our air mattresses many times.
    Probably a good idea to have a matt with you on rough terrain as well.

    Thanks for a great and informative review.

  5. Hi Alex,
    Actually it is not a backpack but I would call it a cool and very useful gadget that helps you to rest a bit after a long hike or whenever you like to chill in a nice place.
    The Lamzac comes in a little bag and after putting some air inside it becomes a comfortable sofa ;).

    Thank you for your comment, if you ever have any questions just let me know :).

  6. Hi Melinda and thank you for your comment!
    Like with every infladable gadget the Lamzac sofa will deflate after a while… which is normal i guess. It is practically impossible to make somthing 100% ‘’leak’’ free. But it is known that it holds the air long enough to lay on for a couple hours ;).
    And like you mentioned at the beginning of your post, I’ve seen people using the sofa as a canoe and it worked :). So it looks like one but could work like one too!

  7. Hello Tristin,
    I also like hammocks a lot and find them sooo comfy! This is just like you said a good substitute for when the place you want to ‘’chill’’ doesn’t allow you to use a hammock. I personally haven’t seen the new ones yet ( the inflatable chairs) but they look really comfortable, I am sure they have the same strong fabric and they must be amazing too. The only difference is that the Lamzac sofa is for the moment you just want to lay back, the chair is more useful when you still want to do something on your phone/laptop and sit very comfy ;). Thanks for sharing! I might do some research on this new product of them! Thank you for your comment!

  8. This is a great review! I am seeing these pop up everywhere but never really looked in to them. Though, I will say, I thoroughly love hammocks and I agree that you don’t always have everything you need to set up a hammock so this would be a great substitute. I recently saw a version of this product but it was in a shape of a chair, what are your thoughts on that product?

  9. That’s really cool. It looks like an inflated canoe. Do you know if these are built to last a long time? Will they deflate while you use them?

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